Our student testimonials:

Taking your glass class was an amazing experience. We had such a wonderful time; the teaching was stellar and we are thrilled with our pieces. Thank you again; we would recommend your classes to anyone (and we hope to sign up for a few more ourselves in the future).

Cindy & David

I really like to do work with my hands and this was an incredible way to test my abilities and artistic talent. The guys at the Oldway gave plenty of instruction, but they also allowed me to make my own decisions and create my unique pieces. I highly recommend a session at Oldway Art Center to anyone who is interested in learning about glassblowing.


I had no experience when I signed up for this class and was worried that I would have a hard time learning- but Eric gave us an awesome lesson, and I had no trouble. He’s friendly and very knowledgeable. I will definitely be signing up for another session!


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